UPVC Doors

John UPVC is one of the prominent names in the market for manufacturing UPVC windows systems, doors in any specifications. We became one of the most sought after for the work we do and the quality of the products. UPVC Doors are the most happening models in the market right now, these doors are manufactured with superior German technology and follows all quality parameters. These UPVC are customised into any size and specifications and is well received by customers and architects. These Doors use bigger sheets of glass because of their inherent deeper glazing rebates in order to combat India’s wind pressure. And these doors are available in any contemporary style and has designed with white finish and enhances beauty convenience to doors. These UPVC Doors are more durable and have long life, we are able to manufacture these products to make suitable for your ambience. And UPVC Doors are weather resistant, UV resistant and can withstand wind load and are 100% recyclable and causes no harm to the climate. These UPVC Doors are manufactured in exact dimensions according to the requirement and fits into the required place. John UPVC has the availability of sliding window doors, these sliding doors are made and designed to provide maximum flexibility for customers. Moreover we manufacture these UPVC Doors in John UPVC for market’s leading price.

Casement Door

John UPVC is one of the renowned manufacturing firm in the market of various types of UPVC products. Casement door is one of the product from our wide product range. Casement doors have only one slash which is hinged from side, but it is designed as a way that it can open either inward or outward according to client’s requirement. These UPVC products are eco friendly and these are available in John UPVC in market’ leading price.

Fixed Door

We are one of the most sought after manufacturing firm of various UPVC products which are high on quality. Fixed door from John UPVC made with the most happening UPVC technology and made with high quality raw material and has terrific long life. These UPVC products are 100% recyclable and is eco friendly, UV resistant, Wind resistant. And these Fixed Door is made with clear glass and this won’t allow heat, cold and dust into the home. John UPVC design, fabricate and install these fixed doors in market’s best price.

Sliding Door

John UPVC is one among the leading and reliable manufacturing firm in the market which designs and manufactures wide varieties of UPVC products are very high on quality. Sliding doors are one of the product from our wide product range which is received well by our client’s and customers. These Sliding doors are light in weight, highly durable and also waterproof. And these doors are effortless and noiseless in operation. Moreover we design and fabricate and install these sliding doors in affordable prices.

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