• Fire Resistance
  • Air & Water Tightness
  • Hi-UV-Resistance
  • All Time Weather Proof
  • Maintenance Free
  • Sound Proof

Welcome To John UPVC Windows And Doors

A multi-faceted company with interests in varied business segments, John UPVC Windows And Doors manufactures and supplies a broad array of uPVC products and offers a fantastic array of design solutions in interiors and furniture segment. With fully trained and experienced staff have extensive knowledge of our products and services, John UPVC Windows And Doors offer a special personal touch when making or designing your living space.

With an approach that adheres to the highest quality norms, workmanship, finish and customer care, John UPVC Windows And Doors leverages the latest technology as well to provide outstanding quality at competitive rates.

The UPVC products are manufactured at the company's world class manufacturing plant equipped with technologically advanced machinery and equipment to guarantee consistency and also ensure that every product is made to the highest specification.

Likewise, the interior and furniture design team works to understand your exact needs and accordingly design attractive interiors and furniture's that complement the period and style of your property, whilst satisfying international regulatory requirements and safety standards.

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Our Best Product of Windows & Doors

sliding windows manufactures

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are among the most elegant of choices you can make because of the simplicity and ingenuity of their design and they are a great choice for restricted spaces because sliding windows slide horizontally into specially built in grooves behind the fixed pane.

fixed windows

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are used purely to let light in and provide a view but do not need to be opened or operated because there are no ventilation possibilities. The fact that fixed windows do not need to be operated does not mean that the design or quality can be compromised in anyway.

casement doors

Casement Doors

Casement doors and windows are side hung with two sashes that can be opened on either side. These windows are also known as French Windows and can even be purchased as Villa Windows that have a single sash side hung and joined with a bigger portion.

balcony doors dealers

Balcony Doors

John UPVC Windows Building Systems is the largest manufacturer of UPVC balcony door solutions for Indian homes and offices. Our wide range of design options allow you to choose the best spatial solution for your home

Salient Features :

  • Water / Air Tight
  • Smooth Operation
  • Anti - Weather Quality
  • High Security
  • High Durability
  • High Wind Load
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Sound Insulation
  • UV Resistant

our Product Range Includes :

  • Casement Windows
  • fixed windows
  • sliding windows
  • combination windows
  • bay windows
  • sliding door
  • casement doors
  • french doors
  • balcony doors